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“This is a great system and is easy to use!”


Med Tech, Portland, Or

“I am able to find information in seconds. Nice!”


LPN, Clackamas, Or

“This is going to help bring trust back into the industry.”


Administrator, Portland, Or

Our Mission

Use technology to improve safety while increasing efficiency  

About us

Enarc Systems is a software design company for the healthcare industry. Our products go beyond traditional methods, improving patient safety, adding new levels of security, and reducing administrative burdens.

Enarc Systems software uses secure, innovative systems that exceed HIPAA and HiTech standards. Our software is designed to address specific areas where time can be optimized, with increased efficiency, and decreased administrative costs. By design, Enarc Systems software reduces risk related to common errors in charting, transcriptions, diversion control, and other administrative tasks. Maximizing time by minimizing impacts of administration is what we do so that you can focus more on patients than paperwork.