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“This is a great system and is easy to use!”


Med Tech, Portland, Or

“I am able to find information in seconds. Nice!”


LPN, Clackamas, Or

“This is going to help bring trust back into the industry.”


Administrator, Portland, Or

Our Mission

Use technology to improve safety while increasing efficiency  

About us

At Enarc-Systems our goal is to solve the biggest issue for every level of personnel in the healthcare industry; the issue of time. In this type of work, the lack of time can create an exhausting work environment which leads to stress and ultimately being burnt out. Every operation in our software was designed with this in mind.

Time, of course, is not the only challenge we face though. We also want to set a new standard for security, so we are implementing two-person verification for multiple steps throughout our software. This will Ensure personnel is adhering to rules and regulations.

We also put patient safety at the top of our list of important issues to be addressed. One of the preeminent ways for errors to occur is by transcription errors. We are working diligently on this issue to virtually eliminate them and improve the safety of all the patients we ultimately serve.